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Emergency Dentist

Even if you take good care of your teeth and attend regular checkups, unexpected issues can arise requiring immediate attention.

Dr. Grant Heller offers prompt emergency dentistry at our practice in Victoria, TX, to address urgent problems that just can't wait.

When do I need emergency dental care?

Why do patients throughout Victoria, TX, call us when they need an emergency dentist?

We Make Time for You

While many dental issues can wait for regular office hours, sometimes an immediate visit can make the difference between saving and losing your natural teeth. Dr. Grant Heller cares deeply about your oral health and makes time in his schedule to provide emergency dentistry. We can often make you an appointment on the same day as an unexpected problem to get you the critical dental help you need.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please contact our compassionate team as soon as possible. You can reach our office in Victoria, TX, online, or by calling: (361) 575-0237

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Patient Testimonial

"Grant did an awesome job fixing an old filling and capping a new one, he took great measures on ensuring I did not feel any paint or discomfort. He also took pictures of the tooth thought the process and explained exactly what he was doing and why. A+ job, will recommend" Troy Koenig, 5-Star Review

What should I do in the event of an emergency problem?

How to Manage Your Dental Emergency

We advise patients in the greater Victoria, TX, region to take the following steps until they get in to see the dentist:

Knocked-Out Tooth

Teeth can become loose gradually or fall out after a sudden injury or direct impact to the face. If this occurs, schedule an emergency dental appointment right away. We may be able to restore your natural tooth if the root is still viable. In the meantime, do not touch any exposed roots or nerves and keep the tooth stored in a moist location, like a glass of milk.

Crack or Fracture

A deep crack or break in the tooth structure can expose the sensitive inner tissues and leave you vulnerable to infection. We recommend rinsing your mouth and applying an ice pack to reduce swelling until you can get in to see the dentist. Even if you are not experiencing pain, it is important to contact our office to prevent the fracture from worsening.

Sudden Dental Pain

While you should schedule a checkup at the onset of any abnormal sensitivity, severe pain that prevents you from working or sleeping is considered a dental emergency. Until your appointment, you can manage discomfort by rinsing your mouth with warm water and take an over-the-counter pain reliever if necessary.

Seeking the Proper Professional Help


In the event of sudden oral pain or injury to the teeth, you may be inclined to immediately rush to the hospital. However, emergency rooms are not always equipped to treat dental conditions like a missing tooth or root canal infection. In most cases involving the dental emergencies listed above, it is best to contact our Victoria dental office for assistance.

When to Go to the Emergency Room

While many patients find it preferable to visit an emergency dentist, some circumstances require the help of an emergency room doctor. We recommend going to the hospital if you:

  • Have lost a substantial amount of blood
  • Sustained a deep cut or laceration that likely needs stitches
  • Have potentially fractured or dislocated your jaw
  • Are experiencing trouble breathing or swallowing

Emergency Dental Care Treatments

Dr. Heller offers several effective emergency treatments at our practice in Victoria, TX.

Root Canal Therapy

If you have an infection that has spread to the tooth's inner chamber, then you might need root canal therapy. During a root canal, we create a small hole in the top of the tooth and carefully extract the infected inner pulp. Once the area is sterilized, our dentist will cap the tooth with the proper protective restoration.

Contact Us About Root Canal Therapy

Dental Crowns

If you need to replace a broken restoration or get a brand-new crown, you have the option of completing treatment in a single appointment. Our Victoria practice is equipped with revolutionary CEREC® technology allowing us to craft and place a custom dental crown before you leave the office.

Learn About Dental Crowns

Dental Fillings

Minor tooth decay and cavities can often be treated with a tooth-colored filling. A filling is designed to protect your teeth from further damage and eliminate toothache and oral sensitivity. Our dentist will carefully match the shade of your filling to the color of your natural tooth enamel for the most aesthetically pleasing results.

Learn About Dental Fillings

Prosthetic Repair

Our dentist will always attempt to save a restoration if you have damaged your dental bridge or denture in an accident. While Dr. Heller can make several common adjustments in-house, we may need to send the restoration off to our trusted dental lab for significant corrections.

Contact Us About Prosthetic Repair

The Cost of Emergency Dentistry

Our Victoria practice is committed to affordable dental care and strives to make treatment available to patients with all kinds of budgets. We gladly accept financing through CareCredit®, allowing you to make low monthly payments on your out-of-pocket expenses.

Hear From One of Our Patients

"Very professional. I showed up at his office in extreme pain and after haven't had any pain since. The process was surprising painless, too. I'm very grateful and would recommend him to anyone." Aaron Odom, 5-Star Review

Grant Heller, DDS

Dr. Grant Heller and his knowledgeable team offer superior, patient-focused dentistry in Victoria, TX, treating you like family in the process. Financing is available. Dr. Heller's prestigious affiliations include:
  •  The American Dental Association
  •  The Texas Dental Association
  •  The Academy of General Dentistry
To request an appointment, fill out our online form or call us at (361) 575-0237.

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