Root Canal

You bite down and–ouch!–you feel a sharp pain in a tooth. This could mean a bacterial infection has developed.

Root canal treatment performed by Grant Heller, DDS, in Victoria, TX, can remove the infection and save the tooth from being extracted.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a root canal infection, get in touch with us now. We can often complete the entire procedure in just one visit.

Why Would I Need a Root Canal Procedure?

  • Sometimes, bacteria can enter the inside of a tooth through a crack, break, or cavity. This infection can severely damage the pulp, blood vessels, and nerves that exist within an area of the tooth called the root canal, weakening its structure.
  • The infection can cause a wide variety of dental problems, which could result in Dr. Heller recommending an extraction. If antibiotics do not clear up the infection, a root canal procedure, often simply referred to as a "root canal," may be needed. 

Let's look at how root canal treatment performed by our skilled dentist removes infected pulp and prevents other, more serious dental issues.

What a Root Canal Looks Like

Dr. Heller will use special dental tools to access your tooth's interior to remove damaged pulp and other infected tissue. He will then disinfect the empty root canal and fill it with a rubber compound to strengthen the tooth. Next, our dentist will seal the top of the tooth and place a natural-looking crown on it so further damage does not occur. This also restores the tooth's form and function. 

Leave Our Office With a Fully Restored Smile Thanks to Same-Day Dental Crowns

When you choose Dr. Heller, you can often arrive in need of a root canal and leave our office with a smile that is completely restored in terms of health, comfort, and appearance. Our Victoria, TX, dental office will use same-day crown technology to provide a fully customized restoration that looks totally natural and fits precisely. Traditionally, a root canal would take at least two appointments scheduled at least two weeks apart while a crown was handcrafted offsite. Dr. Heller invests in advanced dentistry technology so that you can achieve the relief you deserve while taking as little time out of your busy schedule as possible.

Once your tooth has been created and the infected tissue is completely removed, Dr. Heller will take a digital impression of your tooth involving none of the messy, sticky putty of years past. This digital impression will be transmitted directly to our computer-guided milling tool, which will craft your custom crown in the span of about an hour. Once the crown is complete, he will place it onto the tooth and make any adjustments needed to ensure a comfortable, balanced bite. Mild tenderness following the procedure is normal, but within a week, you can expect your smile to feel completely normal.

woman smiling after same-day root canal

Root Canal Treatment Looks Painful Does It Hurt?

Many root canal patients compare the procedure to having a dental filling placed during a simple cavity treatment. In fact, a study published in the International Endodontic Journal states that 54 percent of patients who had a root canal felt no pain whatsoever.

Dr. Heller is a caring, patient-friendly dentist who combines state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, gentle techniques, and effective local anesthetic to make your root canal virtually pain-free. To learn more, contact our Victoria, TX, dentistry office today using our online form.

"The process was surprisingly painless." Hear from Our Victoria Patients


Tandi Kashner

Victoria, TX


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I needed a tooth extraction done pretty quickly. The ladies at the desk got me in first thing the same morning I called. Dr. Heller talked me through every step and was awesome the entire time. He knew I was terrified and dislike the dentist and he put My mind completely at ease. Will definitely recommend!

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Aaron Odom

Victoria, TX


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Very professional. I showed up at his office in extreme pain and after haven't had any pain since. The process was surprising painless, too. I'm very grateful and would recommend him to anyone.

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Why Dr. Heller Should Perform Your Root Canal 

If you're in pain, we can provide swift relief. We handle emergency dentistry cases and will work to get you in as soon as possible. Other reasons to choose us include:

Patients Are Like Family

Our dental team treats patients of all ages with compassion and respect, providing them with the highest level of care.

Our Doctor Is Experienced

Dr. Heller, a born and raised Texan, is a dentist who has been providing superior dental care to patients since 2014.

You Can Benefit From Same-Day Crowns

Dr. Heller can use advanced CEREC® technology to create a beautiful, top-quality same-day dental crown during your root canal visit. So relax while your restoration is being milled by our in-house CEREC machine. No need for a second appointment.

We Offer Safe, Affordable Care

Dr. Heller has the training to expertly perform your root canal, meaning you don't need to see an outside endodontist. This can save time as well as money, as an endodontist may charge 50 percent more than Dr. Heller.

Are Root Canals Affordable?


Plans differ, but insurance should cover at least a portion of your treatment. If out-of-pocket costs concern you, or you don't have insurance, we accept payment through CareCredit®, a trusted third-party lender that breaks fees down into affordable, low-interest monthly payments.

What If I Don't See a Dentist for a Root Canal?

  • A painful abscess could form at the root of the tooth.
  • The infection in the pulp could spread to other teeth, as well as your gums, blood, and brain.
  • Bone loss at the bottom of the tooth could occur.
  • The infected tooth may need to be pulled and replaced with a bridge or a dental implant-supported restoration.
Dr. Grant Heller and staff

If Your Tooth Can't Be Saved with Root Canal Treatment

Our Victoria, TX, Practice Can Provide Other Solutions

Preservation of natural dental tissue is always the priority, but there are instances in which a tooth cannot be saved through a root canal or any other means. Fortunately, Dr. Heller can arrange other restorative dentistry treatments to restore the health, comfort, and function of your smile. Following a virtually painless tooth extraction (made possible by using local anesthesia and gentle techniques), he can coordinate dental implant placement. Dental implants replace tooth roots and provide outstanding support to dental crowns, replacing the entire tooth from the root to the chewing surface.

Dental implant-supported crowns are the ideal solution for missing teeth because they anchor restorations directly to the jaw and prevent the jaw atrophy that results from tooth loss. However, if you are not a candidate for implants, we can also provide a traditional dental bridge, which consists of a replacement tooth supported by crowns placed over the teeth on either side of the gap. During your appointment at our Victoria, TX, office, Dr. Heller can assess your smile and provide the solution that will benefit you the most.

"Dr. Heller is a fantastic dentist."


M St Jacques

Victoria, TX


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I'm had a great experience here with Dr. Heller and staff. I felt comfortable. Great bedside manners. I recommend Grant Heller DDS. Thank you

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Taylor Randolph

Victoria, TX


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Dr. Heller is a fantastic dentist and helped me with all of my concerns. The staff were all very kind and helpful. Highly recommended!

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Grant Heller, DDS

Dr. Grant Heller and his knowledgeable team offer superior, patient-focused dentistry in Victoria, TX, treating you like family in the process. Financing is available. Dr. Heller's prestigious affiliations include:
  •  The American Dental Association
  •  The Texas Dental Association
  •  The Academy of General Dentistry
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