Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction may sound scary, but in some cases, it's the best way to protect your oral health.

It can help alleviate your pain and restore dental functionality.

Dr. Grant Heller of Victoria, TX, uses advanced technology for fast and virtually painless tooth extractions.

What Is a Tooth Extraction?

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A tooth extraction is when a tooth is completely removed from its socket in the jaw bone. Simple extractions involve lifting the tooth from the socket. In complex extractions, soft or hard tissue might first need to be removed.

Dentists often offer tooth extraction to patients as a last resort, but extractions can sometimes be the best solution for your tooth if it's damaged beyond repair.

Our dental office in Victoria, TX, can handle simple tooth extraction cases, as well as select complex ones. If we cannot assist with your needs, we can refer you to a trusted oral surgeon, so you can find the right care for your smile.

What Are the Benefits of Tooth Extraction?

When you visit our Victoria dentist in a timely manner, you're protecting your smile from a variety of concerns. Having a tooth extracted can:

  • Alleviate your dental pain
  • Prevent tooth and gum damage
  • Improve your functionality
  • Facilitate proper tooth alignment
  • Improve your oral health
  • Keep infection from spreading
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Wondering Which Symptoms

Signal the Need for Emergency Tooth Extraction?

Depending on your symptoms, you might be dealing with an urgent situation — and acting quickly can make an immense difference. In fact, it may even save your tooth.

Not sure if your situation is immediately pressing? You may need an emergency tooth extraction if you feel intense tooth pain; have persistent swelling around your tooth or along your jaw; or your tooth has severe damage like a break or fracture. Of course, the only way to know for sure if you're dealing with an emergency will be to contact our team and request an appointment.

We understand that accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Dr. Heller offers emergency dental care and can recommend the best solution. For tooth extraction in Victoria, TX, we will try to see you as soon as possible. 

Ready to Explore Tooth Extraction? Talk to Our Dentist, Dr. Grant Heller

It's normal to be nervous about dental work, which is why it's important to find an experienced dentist you can trust. Grant Heller, DDS is a member of the American Dental Association, the Texas Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry.

Dr. Heller and his team can offer you the highest level of care using modern technology. They'll treat you like family and are willing to work with your schedule and financial situation.

If you're considering getting a tooth extraction in Victoria, but have questions or concerns, you can fill out our contact form or reach our friendly office staff at:

(361) 575-0237

Our dental team
Our dentistry office provides high-level care to patients in the Victoria, TX, community.

"I needed a tooth extraction done pretty quickly. The ladies at the desk got me in first thing the same morning I called. Dr. Heller talked me through every step and was awesome the entire time. He knew I was terrified and dislike the dentist and he put My mind completely at ease. Will definitely recommend!" Tandi Kashner

We Make You a Partner in the Mission for Lifelong Oral Health

Dr. Heller wants to empower patients to protect their smiles for years to come by offering:

Routine Appointments

One of the simplest but most effective ways to protect your oral health is by attending regular appointments. Because we're a comprehensive office, we also provide cleanings and exams, as well as treatment for damaged and decayed teeth.

Precise Cavity Detection

The sooner we notice tooth decay, the easier it is to treat. One way we can help patients stay on top of their dental care is by quickly detecting emerging cavities with our DIAGNOdent™ system.

Supplementary Care

Often, problems that lead to tooth loss can develop alongside periodontal disease. To ensure our Victoria tooth extraction patients have healthier smiles overall, we also offer treatment for gum disease in addition to other general dentistry procedures.

Advanced Technology for More Precise Treatment

Dr. Heller's office brings the latest technology in dentistry to the Victoria community. 

High-definition panoramic and digital x-rays allow Dr. Heller to see detailed pictures of your tooth and the surrounding area, so he can provide the best recommendation regarding tooth extraction. We also use intraoral cameras that provide images on a chairside monitor to better educate our patients.

If we are able to save your tooth and you need a crown, we can offer same-day treatment. Dr. Heller's CEREC® machine can both design and mill high-quality restorations that look like real teeth.

CEREC machine

Are Tooth Extractions Covered by Insurance?

Tooth extraction for both regular teeth and wisdom teeth is a relatively inexpensive procedure and is usually covered by insurance. This kind of dental work is often necessary to ensure oral health, and can help prevent additional problems that can be even more expensive if left untreated.

Our dentist understands that not all patients have insurance, so our office offers affordable financing. We work with CareCredit®, which allows patients at our Victoria office to pay for their dentistry treatments in monthly installments.

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What Should I Expect During a Simple Tooth Extraction?

Dr. Heller and his team can offer you the highest level of care using modern technology. 
Dr. Heller and his team can offer you the highest level of care using modern technology. 


Before this restorative dentistry procedure, Dr. Heller will take a digital or panoramic x-ray so he can examine your roots, your jawbone, and the shape and size of your tooth. This will help him determine the best way to extract your tooth, or if you should be referred to an oral surgeon.


Our caring dentist will administer a local anesthetic at the extraction site. This will keep you from feeling any pain, though you may feel some pressure around your tooth.


Next, our dentist will use an elevator tool to loosen the tooth from the jawbone by rocking it back and forth. He will then use forceps to remove the tooth. If your tooth is difficult to extract, it may have to be removed in pieces.


After the tooth is removed, Dr. Heller may place stitches to close your gum tissue over the extraction site.


Our dentist will then have you bite down on some gauze to stop the bleeding and help a blood clot form at the extraction site. Replace the gauze as needed.

What Should I Do after the Procedure?

For the 24 hours following your dental procedure, avoid touching the extraction site. As you heal, take care not to disturb the blood clot that forms. You will likely have minimal bleeding for two or three days. It can take up to two weeks for the extraction site to heal.

Dr. Heller may prescribe medication, but any pain you experience can usually be treated with over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen. Swelling of the face is normal and can be treated with a cool compress or some ice.

Call your dentist or oral surgeon if you experience symptoms like severe pain, excess bleeding, swelling for a prolonged period of time, or fever. 

"The staff is so friendly and makes you feel as if you're part of their family.  Like most people, I don't like going to the dentist, but they all do their best to make it as comfortable as they possibly can. Highly recommend Dr. Grant." Angela Meuth

Grant Heller, DDS

Dr. Grant Heller and his knowledgeable team offer superior, patient-focused dentistry in Victoria, TX, treating you like family in the process. Financing is available. Dr. Heller's prestigious affiliations include:
  •  The American Dental Association
  •  The Texas Dental Association
  •  The Academy of General Dentistry
To request an appointment, fill out our online form or call us at (361) 575-0237.

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